Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol 2011 Season 10 – San Francisco Audition

Tonight is the last audition show and it proved to a very good one after last weeks “waste of time” show.  The format seemed to change back to the “Yes” contestants instead of highlighting the judges and the “NO” contestants.  We like this format much better.

Tonight AAN invited Gabrielle (5 year old grand daughter), Jojo, Andrew, and Jenna to be judges and to please rate each contestant on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating.  Gabrielle elected to use “X” for did not like and “*” for like. (Comments optional).

Here are the contestant performances in the order of appearance:

1] Inessa #46449 (Very confident)
We thought her vocals were so-so, very off tune.
Jojo – 0
Gabrielle – *******
Andrew – 2 – Give her a 2 on vocals and a 4 on her moves
NO to Hollywood

2] Stefano #40560 (Had a life changing accident)
We thought the vocals were very good and with a good arrangement.
Jojo – 10 -- Excellent
Gabrielle – *******
Jojo – 5 – Good Voice
Andrew – 5 – Good voice.
Jenna – 6
YES to Hollywood

3] Clint #51021
We thought his vocals were so-so but he does have potential.
Jojo – 5 – Good voice
Gabrielle – ***********
Jenna – 6
Andrew – 2 – ruined the song
YES to Hollywood

4] Drew #47238 (Wearing a Transformer outfit)
His vocals were not very good but the outfit he was wearing was so creative we were amazed.  He said he made the outfit and it was a red Ford Mustang Transformer.  When he transformed in to the car it actually looked like a mini-mustang and moved like a mini-car.  Ford Motor Company should latch on to Drew and do some commercials.
Jojo – 0 – On vocals – 10 for a job in Silicon Valley
Gabrielle – ********
Jenna – 1 – Vocals – 1 for the costume
NO to Hollywood

5] Julie #48841 (From Columbia originally)
Very good vocals and she has “the look” along with a great story.
Jojo – 10_ -- Winner this year or close to it.
Gabrielle -- *****
Andrew – 9 – Great voice
YES to Hollywood

6] Dave #38164 (Rocker)
Not very good at all
Jojo – 2 – Tink he should have tried country
Gabrielle -- **********
Andrew – 3 – 3 for the hair
NO to Hollywood

7] Emily #42527 (House burned down recently)
We thought she has a very interesting voice, very different than anything we have hear this year.  We second song was a “Wow!”
Jojo – 5 – Need to see more – 8 – on 2nd song
Gabrielle -- ***********
Andrew – 7 – Classic sound
YES to Hollywood

8] James from Santa Cruz CA and a great story about overcoming adversity.
We may have missed his number but this was a “Wow! Wow! Wow!”  James has an amazing voice and his vocal range is “crazy” to quote Randy. James is one of the best voices we have heard this year.  This is a top ten or maybe even winner this year.
Jojo – 10 +++ -- Adam Lambert revisited – but better!
Gabrielle -- ***********
Andrew – 8 – Great voice, bad appearance.
YES to Hollywood

 We have nothing else to report except to once again thank Gabrielle, Jojo, Andrew, and Jenna for joining the AAN panel again tonight.

 Okay folks this was the last audition show this year and tomorrow night is the start of “Hollywood Week”,  This is where the contestants either shine or go back home.  This week is always very interesting and exciting.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Idol Season 10 -- Milwaukee Auditions

Tonight is the American Idol Auditions in Milwaukee WI. This is the first time American Idol has visited Milwaukee during the audition tour. Because Milwaukee is close to Chicago, there will probably be many folks from the Chicago area.

We have nothing else to report until later tonight.

Hope to see you then.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 3 Performance Week

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

The contestants will sing two songs, one chosen by the contestant and one chosen by a judge.

Here are the top 3 contestants in order of performance:

Songs chosen by the contestants…

1] Casey James – Song: “Okay it’s alright with me.”

So-so choice (We never have heard this song before tonight), but the arrangement was up beat and the vocals were very good, not great, but we enjoyed the performance. We have to agree with all the judges, it was only “alright” especially because this is probably one of the most important nights in Casey’s career.

2] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Come to my window“

An interesting choice we must say. As usual we really liked her vocals, but overall, we did not like the arrangement. We agree with Randy, her vocals made it a great song. Even more important we agree with Simon when he said, “The one thing about you is from day one you never have compromised your style and you consistently pick songs that suit your style.”

3] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Simple Man”

Now this was a great song choice and Lee had a great performance. The vocals were spot on with a great arrangement. We think this was the best performance so far tonight. The performance rates right up there with his best performance ever. Great job!

Songs chosen by a judge…

4] Casey James – Song: “Daughters” (Chosen by Randy and Kara)

This performance was better than his first song, but it was not great. We thought it was a little “sleepy” and did not find any sort of connection. Not memorable at all.

5] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Baby I am amazed” (Chosen by Ellen)

All we can say is “Wow!” Once again we were amazed by Crystal’s vocals. The vocals we absolutely great and even though we were concerned on this song choice, it is opinion that it was her best performance this season. Excellent song choice by Ellen!

6] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Halleluiah” (Chosen by Simon)

Another “wow” for Lee! This song has been done before on Idle, but we think Lee did the best version ever done on American Idle. Simon sent a challenge and Lee answered with a great “moment” and great performance. Lee showed what this show is all about. Just think about it, Lee was selling paint before American Idol and he decided to follow a DREAM…sweet!

We have nothing else to report except that to remind you that tomorrow night is the results show.. Pick up the phone and vote for your favorite are they may go home tomorrow night

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week #5 Results

Once again the viewing audience voted and the bottom six dancers were chosen from the results. The bottom six dancers “danced for their life” and the judges cut one guy and one girl. This established the Top 10 dancers. Starting next week only the voting audience will decide the fate of the dancers. The judges will only be on the show for giving their opinions, which we consider valuable in making a decision to vote.

Tonight the bottom three Guys were Ryan, Victor, and Nathan and the bottom 3 Gals were Karen, Ellenore, and Mollee.

The judges were unanimous on their decision tonight on the girls. The judges were NOT unanimous with the guy choice. The gal cut tonight was Karen and the guy was Victor. Nigel commented that if he had his way, Nathan would be the one going home tonight because he has not grown since the beginning of the season. (We agree with Nigel)

Too Karen and Victor we at AAN send our congratulations for making the Top 12 and even though the both of you are leaving tonight, “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream.”

AAN Final comment:
After watching SYTYCD for the five previous seasons we think this Top 10 is by far and away the best ten dancers to reach this level of the competition. Each in themselves has something special to offer in their dancing, whether it’s technique or the simple fact that they are so far out of their specialty and conquering each weeks challenge. This is going to be one tough season to decide who to vote for and with that in mind, the dancers need to connect with the viewing audience through their dance. With the format change of the dancers partnering by random from next week on, the dancers will lose their comfort level of having the same partner each week. In our opinion this will be a deciding factor in deciding “America’s Favorite Dancer.”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week 5 Performance Top 12

One again tonight the viewing audience votes and the bottom three gals and three guys will dance for their lives on tomorrow nights results show. The judges will then cut one gal and one guy tomorrow night.

Tonight all the dancers danced two routines. This week is extremely important because it will decide the Top 10 and the Top 10 dancers will go on tour for a year when this season is over.

Once the Top 10 are chosen the viewing audience will decide who gets cut based on the voting, the judges will only be on each show for their expertise opinions. Also after tonight the couples will no longer be together, they will be picking partners at random each show starting next week.

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

Here is my performance review for tonight’s show by couple round one and two:

1] Ellenore and Ryan
Round one: Style Lindy Hop – Song “I have got to be a rug cutter.”
Nigel said, “I really enjoyed watching that routine.” Mary said, “That was tremendous the end was amazing.” Adam said, “That was awesome you guys.” I did not like the style, but the dancers did a good job it looked like. High energy and good execution of the moves.

Round two: Style Broadway – Song “Razzel Dazzel”
Adam said, “You guys nailed it! Ellenore you are a rock star and Ryan you brought the character.” Mary said, “Ryan you dug in and got the character. Ellenore you are unique and I don’t think we have had a dancer like you on the show. You are the ‘it’ girl because you have ‘it’.” Nigel said, “Both of you were in character. Great job.” I completely enjoyed it and I am starting to like Broadway. Very good.

2] Kathryn and Legacy
Round one: Style Jazz – Song “So Deep”
Adam said, “Great choreography by Sonya. You guys keep dancing like that you are going all the way.” Mary said, “Legacy those ‘crab walks’ were outstanding and Kathryn you are ‘drop dead’ gorgeous and did a great job.” Nigel said, “This was my favorite routine of the season. Legacy I never thought you were musical until tonight. Both of you guys were great.” I thought this was an awesome routine and I agree with Nigel as far as this being the best routine of the season.

Round two: Style Viennese Waltz – Song “You Guardian Angel”
Adam said, “Legacy that was fantastic and Kathryn another great night for you.” Mary said, “Legacy those were great lifts and Kathryn you are perfection.” Nigel said, “You needed better movement and Kathryn you are gorgeous.” I though this was a triple “wow”. It was beautifully danced performance wise. I also like the message Legacy delivered about “Hope” for everyone.

3] Victor and Karen (A new couple this week)
Round one: Style Tango – Song “Montsorrat”
Adam said, “Victor you had great poise and stature. Karen you had great energy and both od you did a good job.” Mary said, “Because you two are a new couple this week I did not think you could pull this off and you did. I was surprised and you guys had tremendous quality and movement.” Nigel said, “You guys had chemistry and it was beautiful to watch. Victor that was fabulous and Karen you really have something special.” This was another ‘wow’ for me. Very nicely done and they had my full attention.

Round two: Style Hip-Hop – Song “Moving Mountains”
Adam said, “That was intense but something was missing. I think the music threw me off. The dancing was great though.” Mary said, “It was okay, but not memorable.” Nigel said, “I did not get anything I could hold on too out of that routine.” I thought it was okay.

4] Mollee and Nathan
Round one: Style Hip-Hop – Song “Ring-a-ling”
Adam said, “Mollee you had a couple of bobbles but that could have been because of your sore ankle, but you did look stressed and the dancing was soft. Nathan you did great.” Mary said, “The routine started slow and picked up as it progressed. There were a few bobbles and I enjoyed watching.” Nigel said, “That was ‘Hip-Hop 101’ you guys needed to mature.” I thought it was soft and just okay.

Round two: Style Can-Can (New style this year) – Song “Can-Can Suite”
Adam said, “Nathan did better than Mollee but both did good.” Mary said, “You guys ‘killed it’. Great energy and made it enjoyable to watch.” Nigel said, “You had great energy and were the perfect couple for this style.” I thought Nathan was good and Mollee so-so.

5] Russell and Noelle
Round one: Style Samba – Song “Hips don’t lie”
Adam said, “I enjoyed it but it was a little too nice. Both great dancers, but I needed more.” Mary said, “The performance level was phenomenal and Russell you brought the joy.” Nigel said, “Noelle you seemed to dance it too ‘clinical’ and Russell good job.” I though it had high energy and I really liked the moves.

Round two: Style Contemporary – Song “A case of you”
Adam said, “You guys were gorgeous and the opening was one of my favorite moments this season.” Mary said, “That was a special routine, it flowed from beginning to end. It was ‘out of this world’.” Nigel said, “Noelle you were totally committed and Russell your technique is getting better each week.” I though it was beautifully danced and the paint was a nice touch.

6] Ashleigh and Jakob
Round one: Style Lyrical Jazz – Song “Time Flies”
Adam said, “That was so beautiful I don’t know what to say. Jakob you are a privilege to watch and Ashleigh that was excellent.” Mary said, “You guys had great chemisty. Jakob your passion and technique is great and Ashleigh you have grown a hug amount.” Nigel said, “I take back what I said about Sonya’s Jazz routine being the best, this was. You two as a couple give too each other what each needs. Great job.” I thought it was very nicely danced, but likes Sonya’s Jazz routine better.

Round two: Style Cha-Cha – Song “Cha-Cha Heels”
Adam said, “Jakob you did a good job and asked Ashleigh if we were welcome to her world?” (This is Ashleigh’s specialty). Mary said, “Ashleigh it does not gate any better than that. Jakob you were sharp and there for her.” Nigel said, “Great job both of you.”

AAN “Comments”
You need to remember that the couples all have been together for several weeks and that showed in tonight’s performances, but this competition is to chose one dancer and not a couple. After tonight when the couples are broken up and begin choosing a partner randomly, things will definitely be a different ball game. Now I am by far not an authority on dance styles, I have to listen to the judges about that. I do know when I am entertained and what I look for is in a routine which dancer of a pair gets my attention. I also look for the dancer that is not even close to his or her style (specialty) and I am entertained by that individual.

Tonight was awesome and I am looking forward to tomorrow nights results and to begin the Top 10 count down starting next week. Bravo to all the couples on tonight’s show!

I have nothing to add except this show “rocks!”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week #4 Results

Once again the viewing audience voted and the bottom 6 wre chosen from the results. The bottom 6 dancers will “dance for their life” and the judges will cut one guy and one girl. This will continue until the Top 10 dancers are established. Then only the voting audience will decide the fate of the dancers. The judges will only be on for giving their opinions.

The bottom three gals and guys were then revealed.

Bottom 3 Guys were Kevin, Victor, and Nathan. The bottom 3 Gals were Karen, Channing, and Mollee.

This week I totally agree with the viewing audience on the bottom 6 picks. Way to go America you rock!

So the bottom six all danced for their lives and the Gal cut was Pauline and the Guy Peter.

Last week Nigel warned the dancers that he did not think anyone of them danced with any emotion or showed off their talent in their specialty. This week Nigel commented that the dancers did much better.

The judges were unanimous on their decision tonight. The gal cut tonight was Channing and the guy was Kevin.

Too Channing and Kevin we at “AAN” send our congratulations for making the Top 14 and even though the both of you are leaving tonight, “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream.”

Next week will be the Top 12 and each dancer will be doing two routines.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week 4 Performance Top 14

One again tonight the viewing audience votes and the bottom three gals and three guys will dance for their lives on tomorrow nights results show. The judges will then cut one gal and one guy tomorrow night.

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

Here is my performance review for tonight’s show in the order performed:

1] Ashleigh and Jakob – Style Hip-Hop – Song “Whatcha say”
Nigel said, “Jakob every week you are challenged and you deliver. Ashleigh you are growing faster then anyone I have ever seen. Mary said, “Ashleigh you are a star tonight. Jakob you always hit it.” Adam said, “Jakob you will be in the Top 10 for sure. Ashleigh originally I did not believe you would make it, but tonight you made me a believer.” I have to agree with Adam, I have not been a big fan of Ashleigh, but tonight she made me a believer and I think it was her best performance ever. Great job! I have to agree with Nigel on Jakob, he will be a top 10 dancer this season.

2] Kevin and Karen – Style Broadway – Song “If my friends could see me now.”
Nigel said, “Karen I did not like your performance. Kevin I did not like yours either.” Mary said, “I agree with Nigel, neither one of you were in your characters and in Broadway that is a must.” Adam said, “Kevin I was amazed you even got through that routine you being a “hip-hoper. Karen you were okay.” I did not like the routine and thought it was a ho hum.

3] Russell and Noelle – Style Fox Trot – Song “Baby (You got what it takes)”
Nigel said, “Russell you have vastly improved in the last few weeks. You are still a star and incredible. Noelle You fight each week for yourself and you are doing it.” Mary said, “Russell that was excellent you made it look easy. Noelle you are gorgeous, elegant, I am proud of both of you.” Adam said, “That was a joyful performance and it was fantastic.” I though it was very good. They had chemistry and it was very entertaining.

4] Channing and Victor – Style Jazz – Song “Blackbird”
Nigel said, “Channing you looked like you were enjoying yourself and that made me enjoy myself. Victor you grew beyond belief before and now you seem to be slowing. You are a superb dancer.” Mary said, “Victor you are consistently good and now you need to go deeper. Channing you were strong and that was fun. Very good.” Adam said, “Channing you are finding your way in this show. Victor you are still great and need to grow.” I always like a Ty routine and this one was another good one. It was fun routine and the dancers did a good job making it entertaining.

5] Kathryn and Legacy – Style Paso Doble – Song “Pursuit”
Nigel said, “Legacy I always see you practicing and that passion will get you to the Top 10. Kathryn you matured this week and you brought it big time.” Mary said, “Legacy you were ‘crazy’ (In a good way) again. You were right on. Kathryn you were spot on tonight and both of you were perfect.” Adam said, “Legacy you have been growing since Vegas and are an inspiration. Kathryn you ‘killed it’ tonight that was perfect tonight.” I have to say that usually I don’t like this style at all but tonight these two had my attention from beginning to end. Both dancers were way out of their element / specialty and they nailed it. That was and awesome performance.

6] Ellenore and Ryan – Style Contemporary – Song “Your Ex-Lovers Dead”
Nigel said, “I think this was the best routine of the night. Ryan those were great lifts and I think you are the best ballroom dancer doing contemporary. Ellenore you become the character in every routine you do. You are a complete dancer and performer.” Mary said, “Ellenore you are a perfect blend of star quality. Ryan you have perfect timing and an inspiration to ballroom dancers everywhere.” Adam said, “You guys took my breath away with that routine. Thank you both, that was an honor to watch.” I really like the routine and the dancing. It was enjoyable to watch.

7] Mollee and Nathan – Style Pop / Jazz – Song “Bad Romance”
Nigel said, “it was far better than last week. Nathan you are one of the most talented dancers we have had on this show but you need to grow. Other dancers are passing you up. Mollee you have the talent to be great because you are so committed.” Mary said, “That was very good, but I did not get any chills.” Adam said, “You guys now know that this will not come very easy, but you guys worked hard this week. Good job.” I agree with Nigel when he said, “This was far batter than last week.” Anything would have been better than last week and this week was a “so-so”. I think the choreographer made them good this week.

AAN “Best of Night” performance – Legacy and Kathryn. Even though Nigel liked Ryan and Ellenor’s routine we think that the deciding factor is “growth”. We looked at what the dancers “specialty” is and we thought that the biggest stretch came from Legacy and Kathryn.

I have nothing further to add tonight except that The Dizzyfeet Foundation is having a special November 29th called “Celebration of Dance” to be held at The Kodak Theater. Tickets can be purchased on their web-site. Click here. This is a fund raiser for the foundation to donate to schools for children to enjoy the dance experience. Eight scholarships have already been granted and the eight dancers will be dancing at the coming show.

Tune in tomorrow night for the audience voting results show.